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Amira Nebula Hookah
Amira Nebula HookahAmira Nebula Hookah

Amira Nebula Hookah


Category: Medium Size Hookah
Material: Aluminum
Package: opp bag/paper box
Height: 46cm
Amira Nebula Hookah Amira Nebula Hookah

Amira Nebula Hookah

The Amira Nebula has a colored stem with matching washable hose. The heavy duty, yet modern design makes this hookah very desirable. If stability is something you crave, the wide-bottomed base will deliver. This makes the Nebula a great option for a lounge hookah or that customer of yours that likes to throw hookah parties.

Height: 18 inches
Stem: Stainless steel.

Hose: Washable hookah hose

Bowl: Phunnel bowl

Color Options: Black, Blue, Red. 

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